19 March 1976
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I have another journal that I’ve kept for 6years, documenting my highs and lows, and constant changes. It just so happens that I’ve begun the next leg in my journey and it seems there should be some new in my journal as well.
Also, sometimes my writing voice sounds much like the one in my head. It sounds alone when it isn’t or sad when it’s not. This is to avoid confusion. This is where I’ll write when that voice is the only voice that can make its way out. Happy, sad, horny, jubilant, thoughtful, or angry. All the same and all me. The documentation goes on.

Regarding the friends page: If I show an interest in adding you, it's not because I think we're so very like-minded. I don't think you're the same cynical, perverted degenerate that I am. It may very well be, because you're so very different than me. That's what interests me. I know me...I don't need more of the same.
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