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Cheryl's christmas decorating. We've had the Christmas stuff out for a week, but it's a daunting task, to decorate. Looking at all those old boxes. There's no way to do it in an orderly fashion. Chaos is a bit of a given.
She's decorating, and I'm tucked away fucking with LiveJournal,Limewire, and Mulled Wine.
Mulled wine is new to me. Tasty stuff, but it takes some getting used to if you're not a frequent red wine drinker.
I feel bad, tucking myself away like I am. I go out there, and something's been newly christmas beautified by her hands and I'm sorry that I'm not helping, but it really is a get-in-the-way sort of thing. Standing there, waiting to be told what should go where., it's not like that, and it wouldn't be like that. There's an aversion, but it's on my end and without any obvious cause. Her house/her christmas stuff, but she makes it all feel very much mine. And I do, genuinely feel it, so I don't know what's left. What's the hold up...

I should go try. I've made myself feel too bad not to now. But she's doing a really great job all on her own. Really, she is.
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