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Dog day afternoon

The dog trips me out. Cheryl went o a psychic once and he told her that her dad would communicate to her through dogs. Her dad was a weird animal person. So is Cheryl. We went to the same guy for a couple's reading, and he said that in the future I would be able to communicate with dead people. It was a full reading-he was dead on about mabe 60%, totally off on 15%, and 25% has yet to be seen. Between what he told her in her first meeting, and then the couple's thing, I'm right tripped out. The dog would trip me out regardless, but now my imagination has something to chew on. Sometimes Nikki is just so....odd. Every night when we go to bed, we lift the duve and the top sheet, an she crawls down between us and leps at our feet. Last night she wouldn't stop cuddling my head. We kept trying to get her to go under, but she kept licking my head and cuddling up to it. I'm like "what's a matter, Lassie? Need counselling? Huh?" Sometimes through the day when we're alone here together she won't leave my side. Literally...if I go to get a tissue or take a leak, she'll be needy or want to check up on me. It's Cheryl's dog, but the thing has it for me like nothing I'v ever seen. It's a can't have father issues. But it does! We both walk in the door, Nikki zips past Cheryl and jumps into my arms, licking me frantically. What's she saying? "see bitch? He loves ME! MY man!" When we go to bed, if Cheryl's already in and under, Nikki will sit on my side of the bed, head cocked, watching waiting for me. Won't budge until I come to bed. This is not a two way street...she only does this with me and she's only been my dog for 2mnths. She's been Cheryl's dog for 2yrs!

Sometimes she looks at me funny too.......

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