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Sex show

We went to the sex show yesterday, which was apparently considerably worse than last year. From what Cheryl, I have no doubt. There was no dungeon! Whatever. Dungeon, smudgeon. Floggers and blah, blah, blah were at plenty of the "vanilla" booths, though probably of lesser quality. What I was excited to see and maybe buy were violet wands. Better yet-demonstrations. I'm just curious about utilizing electricity as a tool/toy, and what a crazy thought as it is. ELECTRICITY!!! Alas, one booth propriotor speculated that the BDSM people didn't want to make the trip from Vancouver. Fuck them, I say!
It really turned out to be nothing exciting. Everything you could get in the world's biggest porn store. Woop-dee-do. I'm not so easily impressed. I was really hoping to see those violet wants!
Cheryl wasn't impressed either. So unimpressed that I thought she was PMS-ing, at one point. In fact, this turned out to a result of my accusing her of faking orgasms. It was a small conversation while we were walking. I just assumed she did because I assume all women do. I really could care less. I don't get caught up in it. Fake it/don't fake it. Whatever-you're doing it for yourself-trust me. If I want you to cum, you'll fucking cum. Period. But yeah...I basically said just that and didn't catch the connection later when I was ready to lose it on her. When I mentioned PMS-ing hours later, she retorted "well, you said that I fake orgasms!" and I was shocked. Like "wha? You remember that? hours ago...get over it. And it's true, by the way." So we had to converse and purge. Harmony has once again found its balance.

Impressed or not, we still bought stuff. Why? cause we could. And cause we're pervs that don't have the technical ability to build the sick shit we think up in our heads, so we have to buy other people's designs. We got:
Full leg/wrist restraints for the bed. They'll stay there-yay! These new ones are velcro, though we've already got nice, leather wrist/ankle cuffs with various connectors that make things like hog tying user-friendly.
Glassware. I forget the name, but it's a butt plug,/small dildo in one. Throw it in the dishwasher and the glass stays warm for a long time. Also looks like simple, purdy glassware.
A 7" dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. This thing is so much neater to watch being used than I would've ever thought.
More wrist restraints that are made for doors. Put the little bobby thing on the other side of the door, close it and there's two great secured wrist restraints. Good for all your flogging purposes.

Aaaannddd that's it.

Oh, and I got a job. In construction. Something I know nothing about. I can barely use a tape measure, let alone power tool(and I have noooo aptitude for it), but it's going well. I just want to keep doing things that force my brain to think differently. Yeah, I have the things I excell at, but what will my life amount to if I stick to those? It's humbling, but I want to grow in my life, so I have to bite the bullet.
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